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Bolts is not just another construction company. Our staffs is comprised of experienced, licensed subcontractors, degreed, registered architects and construction professionals to help asses all aspects of the building process and deliver solutions for all your construction, renovation and remodelling needs.



Pricing of Shipping Methods

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1 Day Delivery

Cargo Transport

Heavy Metals $100

The company has managed to earn recognition for undertaking not just small, but large.

Piping Material $40

The company is a symbol of his values, ideas and integrity that he has managed to bring to the company as well.

OUT OF STOCK Iron piece $50

We are committed to making a difference for our clients, employees and the community at large.

Glass piece $30

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. We not only honor commitments.

NEW Steel piece $20 Stainless Steel $40 Metal $50 Gold piece $30

Our metal construction brochure

Metal suppliers in England

Metal landfills locations in central Europe

Made in Germany

Storage and metal logistics

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